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Barry Grodenchik President
Gail Budiansky First Vice President
Roman Okner Second Vice President
Susan Smith Treasurer
Fanny Handel Recording Secretary
Ted Brown (Class of 2024) Sheldon Glass (Past President)
Larry Siegel (Class of 2024) Arne Abramowitz (Past President)
Joyce Molach (Class of 2024) Susan Smith (Past President)
Fanny Handel (Class of 2025) Sheldon Handel (Past President)
Michael Peaceman (Class of 2025) Alan Wasserman (Past President)
Roman Okner (Class of 2025) Bonnie Panzok (Past President)
Martin Hirsch (Class of 2025)  
Gail Budiansky (Class of 2026)  
Barry Grodenchik (Class of 2026)  
Judy Karlin (Class of 2026)  
Andrew Goldstone (Class of 2026)  
Arne Abramowitz Ritual and Cemetery
Larry and Anne Siegel Adult Education
Roman Okner Membership and Publicity, Website
Alan Wasserman Capital Assets
Joyce Molach Israeli Affairs
Ellen Wasserman Hospitality, Honey Project, Mishloach Manot, Facebook
Robin Belfer Hospitality, Honey Project, Mishloach Manot
Debra Grodenchik Hospitality, Honey Project, Mishloach Manot
Mindy Nadworny President, Sisterhood
Sheldon Handel Men's Club
Norman Zipkin High Holiday Seating, Kol Nidre Appeal, Yizkor Appeal

Wed, November 29 2023 16 Kislev 5784